3 Reasons to do an Employee Engagement Survey


Posted by David Bator – TemboStatus October 6, 2015

There’s a lot of talk about engagement surveys and many organizations do them, but you may be asking yourself: “Why should I do a survey?”

While it is true that a well-executed survey does take some planning and action to be successful, the benefits are numerous.

Here are a few:

1.The results provide an unfiltered perspective of how things are going in the organization.

– results reflect the actual employee experience rather than the company line.

– provides a bottom-up view that is less filtered than other information channels – likely to be more candid and from a different perspective.

– allows you to identify pockets of the organization that are doing better or worse – can identify areas that can be role models to learn from and areas where more efforts need to be made.


2. The results provide data to support new initiatives

– results can provide an impetus for change and provide the leverage needed to make changes in the organization.

– results provide a metric to evaluate change efforts- can be used to see if change efforts are having an impact.


3. Surveys are a communication tool

– the content of the survey tells your employees that they are valued and their input is important

– the content can be focused on the issues that are most important to the organization – this shows employees what is valued


HOWEVER –If you are just curious but have no intention on taking action – DON’T DO IT. This would be like saying hello to somebody and then just walking away. Your employee engagement survey is the first chapter in what MUST BECOME an ongoing conversation with your employees.