September 7, 2016

Taking Engagement Beyond The Survey

Let's be candid: If you aren't going to take action from your engagement survey, don't bother doing one. On average, employees who are confident that action will be taken are seven times more likely to be engaged than those who aren't, and failing to take action is frequently one of the most disengaging factors when examining an individual employee's responses over time. The objective of measuring employee engagement is to make engagement happen -- not to make a survey happen. The latter leads to engagement being viewed as just one more compliance-driven HR program that fails to deliver value to the organization.
September 7, 2016

Why Your ENPS Makes A Difference

Net Promoter Score or NPS was developed as a means to measure customer loyalty more quickly and accurately. But HR can use it to measure the same things among your workforce. In a Harvard Business Review article the creator of the system, Frederick F. Reichheld, explained that simply measuring customer retention rates isn’t enough. Attracting a high number of customers is great in the short run, but loyalty is what will help your company grow exponentially in the long run. Loyal customers spread word of your business, lower new customer acquisition costs and chose to use your services, even when confronted with a cheaper option.
September 7, 2016

Do Your Managers Understand The Importance Of Engagement?

Imagine if you will that you owned a factory and it was operating at 50% capacity. You would pull your hair out trying to get capacity back up. If you ran a customer service survey and your customers gave you results showing they are not pleased with your company, all hell would break lose trying to figure out what went wrong.
June 17, 2016

The ROI of Improving Employee Engagement

Many leaders have spent countless hours hoping for business to return to pre-recession vitality levels. They’ve waited for something to rescue them from the seemingly endless challenges they’re facing on a daily basis, and wondered where the next big breakthrough is that will finally snap the economy out of the doldrums and set their organizations back onto the path of prosperity. But some leaders knew the breakthrough would come from someone, not something. These leaders tapped the resources of their employees and encouraged them to help navigate the challenges and economic uncertainty.